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A global certification authority for smart bidet toilet manufacturer

Published by Mazzam Technology 2022-07-05

A global certification authority for smart bidet toilet manufacturer of management system standards


Top of the world, implementing the national strategy of "intelligent manufacturing, environmental protection and health"; authoritative certification, leading the development of China's smart toilet industry!


September 3, 2021, the China Building Materials Circulation Association issued a reply, awarded Mazzam Factory the honorary title of "China's Leading International Manufacturing Demonstration Base for Smart Toilets", and copied it to the "Materials Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology", " Circulation Industry Development Department of the Ministry of Commerce, the Law Enforcement Inspection Bureau of the State Administration of Market Supervision, and the Party Building Work Bureau of the Chamber of Commerce of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. This indicates that Mazzam International Smart Home Manufacturing Base has become a benchmark for smart manufacturing in China's smart toilet industry.

As a pioneer and promoter of the industry, Mazzam will actively respond to the call of the “toilet revolution”, continue to improve the smart manufacturing process and production technology, lead the development of China’s smart toilet industry, and provide many companies with a demonstration of the development of smart manufacturing. The smart toilets manufacturing is now pushed to a new level.


Leading industrial 4.0 intelligent manufacturing base in industry

The certification process of "China's Smart Toilet International Leading Manufacturing Demonstration Base" is rigorous and high-standard, and requires strict approvals such as declaration, material verification, field inspection, and project acceptance. It is worth noting that the certification that Mazzam smart bathroom production base has achieved "international leading" means that the quality and process have strong international competitiveness, and represents a new height in China's smart bathroom manufacturing. As of today, only Mazzam has been awarded the title of "China's Smart Toilet International Leading Manufacturing Demonstration Base" by the China Building Materials Circulation Association.

"Made in China 2025" clearly stated that it is necessary to promote the intelligentization of the manufacturing process. For this reason, industries such as automobile manufacturing, aerospace, and aircraft manufacturing have begun to explore the construction of smart factories. Mazzam Smart Sanitary Ware closely follows the national strategic plan and has built an international advanced manufacturing base for smart homes covering an area of 200 acres. Both the production equipment and the production environment are constructed in accordance with the global advanced industry 4.0 standards. Intelligent manufacturing center, automated assembly line, intelligent aging test line, circular assembly line... the deep integration of intelligent information technology and industrial system can achieve an annual production capacity of more than 1.6 million sets.

The "brain" of the smart toilet-the SMT electronic control panel production workshop, is equipped with central air-conditioning to achieve constant temperature and humidity and 100,000 dust-free and anti-static. The control panel can already achieve dark production-from raw materials to final products, all processing, transportation, and inspection processes can be completed in the empty "Dark Factory", even without workers on duty, which is comparable to the production process and technology of German Industry 4.0.

At the same time, Mazzam also introduced intelligent robots to strengthen the construction of the central control system, build automated assembly production lines, gradually realize production automation and intelligence, and strive to realize real-time management through network technology, complete the transformation of the production model from "centralized" to "decentralized".

In August 2021, Qin Zhanxue, chairman of the China Building Material Circulation Association, visited the Mazzam smart home production base and said that China’s smart home industry started late, but it is growing at a high speed driven by a group of outstanding companies such as Mazzam. He believes that Industrial Manufacturing 4.0 is the direction of industry development.


Intelligent manufacturing template, escorted by eight core technologies

Technological innovation is Mazzam's mission and new normal. As the "intelligent tycoon" of smart bidets, Mazzam advances step by step and comprehensively leads in technological innovation. Wu Xishan, the helm of Mazzam with more than 30 years of experience in electronics manufacturing, not only masters the core microelectronics manufacturing technology, but also has eight core technologies——The latest instant heating module (reliable small water tank instant heating system), STM standard manufacturing intelligent main control panel, anti-backflow pulse valve, stable automatic flip gear device, Mazzam independent R&D of intelligent toilet special nozzle((Industry's unique laxative and defecation functions), mirror-like ceramic imitation plastic seat cover, SMT international standard intelligent toilet handle control panel, and the stable automatic flip gear device. These eight technologies ensure that the product remains technologically advanced.

In order to ensure the production quality of the precision electronics of the smart toilet, Mazzam production base has set up more than ten laboratories, from raw materials to finished product have to go through a total of 1,000 testing procedures. Among them, the factory introduces the most advanced intelligent aging detection production line in the world, and conducts high-intensity testing on product aging items to ensure the durability of the smart toilet.


Driven by innovation, benchmark for smart toilets

 In addition to industry-leading manufacturing strength and innovative technology, Mazzam's product development capabilities are even more impressive. Up to now, Mazzam has developed a total of more than 200 integrated smart toilet for first-line sanitary ware brands at home and abroad. The development speed is second to none in the industry, its technological innovation capabilities are also recognized by the industry, and new product technologies continue to iterate.

Especially in the practical functions of the smart toilet, Mazzam strives for perfection. In addition to the basic functions like spray and bidet, seat heating, hot and cold SPA, warm air drying, etc., Mazzam also starts from the essence of life to solve the pain points of users——In response to the problems of insufficient water pressure, insufficient impulse, and easy deposits in the barrels of high-rise users, Mazzam has developed the "Zero Water Pressure 2.0" system, equipped with dual-core drive technology, which is no longer afraid of low water pressure. The water consumption is only 4.3L, which can fully guarantee the flushing and cleaning quality while saving water. No matter how high the floor is, it can have strong cleaning power, which solves the water pressure problem that once plagued smart toilet flushing.

Innovation will never stop! The global advanced industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing base is an important step in Mazzam's strategic development. As a long-term and firm practitioner of smart manufacturing, Mazzam Smart Sanitary Ware will use smart manufacturing and core technology as the driving force to promote the development of advanced manufacturing industries such as smart toilets and smart homes in China, lead the manufacturing of smart toilets towards green environmental protection, artificial intelligence, flexible production, etc., and strive to maintain the international leadership and promote the development of the industry!