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MAZZAM Technology Co.,Ltd  

As a high-tech company, innovation is the key to productivity.

NEW Manufacturer Overview

Mazzam has a R&D team with 210 engineers to ensure that every detail of each new product is not only ingenious but also functionally sustainable. Each year we release more than 10 new models of smart toilet to satisfy customer's different requirement. And now we have own more than 200+ different smart toilets.

With mature IT technology, we proudly promise to our customers that every Mazzam smart toilet has the most powerful core chip technology. The professional patch technology of SMT international standard production line has excellent moisture-proof performance. Strict testing on functions and leakage detection ensures safety. Our patented small water tank ensure the water heated within 1 minute, meanwhile can withstand any of the harshest temperature conditions. Moreover all our smart toilet lids are jade-like smooth, glossy and delicate using Korean world-class advanced technology.

Our factory is the largest OEM, ODM factory for different international brands. The annual output of smart toilet reaches 1.6million sets every year. We have international standard SMT production line, dust-free workshop, all in constant temperature and humidity, reach to air cleanliness of CL-10K/100K. Equipped with multiple professional production workshops and the most advanced production technology to ensure the high-end performance and superior quality of our products. Each product will pass high intensity aging test, which simulate 900 times of using. The aging test greatly enhance the durable performance and ensure our product quality.


By most advanced production equipments, high quality employee team and scientific management mode ,we supply safe and reliable smart toilet to the world.

SMT Smart Manufacturing

International standard SMT production line, dust-free workshop, all in constant temperature and humidity, reach to air cleanliness CL-10K/100K.

Automatic System Laboratory

The laboratory covers an area of 950 square meters and consists of electronic components laboratory, salt spray laboratory, control board cold and heat shock laboratory, EMC laboratory, mute room laboratory, plastic laboratory, safety test room, reliability laboratory, toilet ceramic body laboratory and intelligent toilet complete machine  laboratory, which has basically solved the high-end electronic toilet performance test and analysis requirements.

Intelligent Aging Test

Each product has to past high intensity aging test, which simulates 900 times of using. The aging test greatly enhance the durable performance.

Dust-free Molding Workshop

50 sets of advanced injection molding machine. All use new medical ABS material  ceramic simulation plastic technology.To make bidet surface smooth and delicate, perfectly match to the ceramic bowl without any color difference.