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6 years from buying a toilet seat in Japan to building the world’s top factory

Published by Mazzam Technology 2022-07-05

In 2015, an article "Going to Japan to Buy a Toilet Seat" shocked countless Chinese people, and was even included in the Two Sessions in China, sparking a big discussion on the upgrading of Chinese manufacturing. Even the former Chinese Premier Li Keqiang are highly concerned about this issue.

However, with the rapid development of the domestic high-tech industry, in just six years, the domestic smart toilet industry has also undergone earth-shaking changes. Made in China is transforming to Create in China, China’s speed is shifting to China’s quality, and Chinese products are shifting to Chinese brands. Today, China has the most intelligent toilet brands and the world's largest intelligent toilet manufacturing factory, and it is truly possible to realize "toilet freedom" without going abroad. Today we will take you to this super factory called "Foxconn in the field of smart toilets"-Mazzam.

Industry Dark Horse --- Mazzam

    Mazzam factory was established in 2009 and has an international manufacturing base covering an area of more than 180 acres. The company has more than 1,800 employees, including more than 210 engineers. Mazzam began to develop, produce and sell products and projects such as smart toilets, intelligent homes, 5G cinemas, and smart hotels in 2011. It only took a few years to reach an annual production capacity of 1.6 million sets and an annual sales volume of 1 million sets. The scale of production and sales volume has made Mazzam the smart home company with the highest growth rate in the industry for seven consecutive years.

Among the domestic manufacturers of smart toilet, Mazzam is one of the few companies that has international standard SMT electronic control panel manufacturing equipment. The workshop is equipped with central air-conditioning to achieve constant temperature and humidity and 100,000 dust-free and anti-static. The control panel can already achieve dark production-from raw materials to final products, all processing, transportation, and inspection processes can be completed in the empty "Dark Factory", even without workers on duty.

Industry 4.0 manufacturing base, real-time response to customer needs

The Mazzam production base is constructed in strict accordance with the global advanced industry 4.0 standards. The intelligent information technology is deeply integrated with the industrial system through intelligent robots, AGV unmanned transport vehicles and other equipment and in-depth integration of intelligent information technology (Intelligent manufacturing center, automated assembly line, intelligent aging test line, ring assembly line, etc).

Top accessories + strict quality inspection, casting Chinese quality

As the "Foxconn" in the field of smart toilets, Mazzam not only has the "Intelligent Manufacturing in China" of the Industry 4.0 standard, but also insists on casting Chinese quality with top-level components and strict quality inspections.

Its core component control board adopts the international standard SMT production process, with mature and reliable electronic circuit design, including anti-interference design and high and low voltage isolation technology to ensure the safety and stability of the components. Products have to go through AOI optical inspection and 100% quality inspection to ensure that each control board can achieve superior quality.

Our patent technology of small water tank combines the advantages of instant heat products and thermal storage products. Faster heating, constant water temperature and continuous heating ensure the purity and hygiene of the water. Compared with the traditional instant heating type, it can effectively prevent the heater from rupturing in extreme environments in winter, which the quality is more safe and durable.

The gear flip device adopts dedicated auto-flip motor, large torque, low resistance, high component connection strength. Even if the main body of the product is pressured by a heavy object, it will not affect the use of the automatic flip function.

At the same time, each product will undergo high-strength intelligent simulation aging test to ensure the durability of the smart toilet and greatly reduce the after-sales problem.

Core technology, create a clean and comfortable healthy space

As the world's top smart toilet super factory, Mazzam has a number of core technologies, including strong oscillation technology, three-spray-mode nozzles, ceramic-like plastic technology, positive and negative ion sterilization technology, automatic wall flushing, zero water pressure 2.0 System, three memory buttons, etc., many of these technologies are the first in the industry.

For example, the perfect combination of the smart toilet technology and the wall-mounted toilet, which obtained national invention patent, is the first time of this industry that wall-mounted automatic flushing technology can realizes off-seat automatic flushing or remote control flushing. It is also equipped with dual-core drive technology and the zero water pressure 2.0 system that solves the problem of flushing water pressure of smart toilets on higher floors.

    With the continuous popularization of smart toilets, Mazzam Factory's production, R&D and management will also constantly upgrading, providing support for world's smart home industry!