A Customer Who Has Tried Our Smart Bidet For The First Time And Obsessed With It

Published by Mazzam Technology 2022-07-05

As the development of smart home, now more and more people choose to use smart toilet in their daily life. Nowadays, intelligent toilets have more and more functions like spray, bidet, enema, etc., which greatly convenient for us.


Satvinder is from India, I got his inquiry for our smart toilet on September. He told me that he plans to take some smart toilets for selling, also for one of his projects. He knows that intelligent toilets become promising trends. So he asked me for the catalog for him to choose the models.


After few days, he sent me the list, and said that our design really catch his eyes. There re many smart toilet models for sell in India, because more and more people pay more attention to hygiene and health after the Covid-19 outbreak. I totally agreed that. So I spent some times making the quotation for him, but he has his worries about the safety problem. I can understand, then I showed him our factory and videos for each smart toilet product he chose, and told him that we have 8 protection to avoid dry burning&electric leakage, 100% safe guaranteed. Our company Mazzam has an R&D team with 210 engineers to ensure that our product continuous upgrading and innovation. At present we have mastered many exclusive technologies like motherboard technology, patented small tank technology, ceramic-like lid, etc. Our annual output reaches 1.6million sets, 1500 workers and high-standard production workshops and equipment ensure that our supply is sufficient.


After discussion again and again, he decided to take some samples to test our quality. This is our first big step, he trusts us so much. Really appreciate that we have client like this.


We have shipped his order on Oct., he has received them now. He was satisfied with our quality, “that’s really great products”, he said. Then he send me a new list to start our second cooperation, and I believe we will be both benefit from this big order.