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Best rated smart toilets brands in China

Published by Mazzam Technology 2022-07-05

1. As the fastest-developing smart toilet brand in China, Mazzam owns internationally advanced industry 4.0 standard smart home manufacturing base occupied 800,000Sqm in Quzhou, Zhejiang. Meanwhile, there are technical and marketing centers in Foshan, and a number of regional operation service branches have been established in major cities across the country, such as Guangzhou, Shanghai, Wuhan.

Mazzam has the largest warehouse for domestic OEM high-end brands. After 30 years of development, Mazzam factory has expanded from advanced precision electronics manufacturing to smart bathroom, smart home, smart interaction and other fields. Mazzam team is committed to empowering the industry with smart technology, and strives to provide smart solutions for home, commercial, and education application. Mazzam smart toilet factory is focusing on the ODM service for global sanitaryware brands.

Nowadays, Mazzam has obtained a number of technical patents and was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise. With its excellent design and intelligent technology, Mazzam 818 square smart toilet model has successively won the German iF Design Award in 2018. Mazzam smart toilet bidet technology has been widely used in each shower toilet bidet. Photocatalyst 24 hours cleaning technology upgrades the cleanliness standards of toilets again. It is sterilized, easy to clean, and smart. While keeping the toilet clean for a long time, it can effectively reduce the clean water and bring you a clean and environmentally friendly life. Mazzam toilet bowl adopts the tornado flush systerm. Plasma sterilization and deodorization technology, remove the odor automatically in the bathroom air.

2. Toto as the first international sanitaryware brands enter to China, the NEOREST series of toilets launched fully embodies the concept of clean technology, and combines the full range of innovative products from WASHLET and TOTO to create a bathroom space with high aesthetic standards and performance quality.Toto have 7branches in China since 1995,it's one of main brands of japanese shower toilets welcome by Chinese consumers.Same as mazzam,Toto also use the hygiene ABS integral wand with electrolytic water sterilization technology.

3. Kohler is a US sanitaryware brand with it's long history,have been most famoused brand by Chinese smart toilet users.The manufacturing base of sanitaryware is in Foshan.Kohler veil smart toilet and Numi intelligent toilet combined design and AI technology which lead a trendy western auotomatic bathroom lifestyle.Kholer toilet Intelligent voice interactive experience, smart listening, sound and light rhythm create an immersive enjoyment, and satisfy consumers' infinite yearning for a better and smart life. Nowadays, the bathroom has gradually become a personal space to fully release oneself. Listening to music, singing and other personal entertainment will become an important part of the private "bath" space in the home.